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We are currently working under guidelines set forth by the federal and state authorities so we must adhere to all restrictions/guidelines for our profession to provide a safe working environment for both clients and our team.

• Please do not come into the studio if you are experiencing flu like symptoms.
• Our waiting area is temporarily closed
• No guests, pets, or children are allowed at appointments
• A health and liability waiver is required for all clients
• Masks/temperature check/handwashing is required to enter the studio

• Prior to receiving services we require that each client wash their hands for 20 seconds. Clients not receiving
   services will need to maintain a 6ft distance from our space and kits.
• We request that clients provide a table of approximately 4x4 size and a chair per artist. We will have to
   use disinfectant cleaner on both chairs and tables so they need to be a non-porous material.
• The work area ideally should have ventilation, natural light and space for us to move about freely while working.
• BEAUTY by Bethany Artists will be wearing a mask at all times. We ask that all clients also provide a clean
  disposable ear loop mask while receiving services except when asked to remove to apply a portion of the
  makeup. Failure to provide the mask is an $8 charge per mask.
• No drinks, foods, phones or personal items in our work area. This helps minimize cross contamination while
  receiving services. We cannot use anyone’s personal products during a service.
• A health and liability waiver must be signed prior to receiving services per client. They will be provided upon
  our arrival. If anyone is not healthy enough to receive services, we require that they be removed from the
  working environment. Anyone with a fever, cough or sneezing will not be able to receive services.
• We ask that children and pets are kept clear of the working area at all times.