BEAUTY Q #2…shadow primer

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BEAUTY Q : “I don’t wear shadow…or anything on my eye lids beside liner.  During the day the liner smears and smudges.  Is it my liner?  Or something else?”

It most likely isn’t your eyeliner.  Even the creamiest of pencils liners won’t stick to a bare eyelid for long.  Eyelids naturally produce oil.  If the eyelid is left bare and the eyeliner is in the least bit creamy the liner will smudge and smear.  The product needs to be placed on a dry, non-slip canvas.  By creating this canvas you also will cover any imperfections shown on the eyelid…veins, redness, or discoloration.

Step 1:  Shadow Primer

I use an shadow primer called a Shadow Magnet.  I prefer this one as it is has the consistency of a sticky, cream concealer.  I do not care for the primers that are liquid-y or too creamy.  It has to have a sticky feeling or a grip to it so that it will ‘stick’ to the lid.   I apply a thin layer over the entire eyelid….patting it on first and then blending it out to create a smooth canvas.

Step 2:  Shadow or Powder

Apply your base shadow or, if you are going to forgo shadow, a light dusting of a loose translucent powder to dry the surface area.

Step 3:  Choose an eyeliner

Pencils – tend to be creamier

Shadow – use with an angled brush for a soft look

Cream/Gel – intense strong line or smudged for a smoky look

All 3 are good options but I use a cream/gel liner for a waterproof, non-budge, no-smear application

Simple right?

By doing this your eyeliner (and shadow should you choose to wear them) shouldn’t budge.

BEAUTY Q #1…mascara

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BEAUTY Q = beauty question…you ask…I will answer 😉

Please send me emails,,  with YOUR beauty questions and I will answer a BEAUTY Q each week!

After receiving several emails asking about this topic I thought MASCARA would be perfect for my first BEAUTY Q.

I am in love…with mascara.  Seriously…in love!  If I was stranded on a desert island you bet I would have my mascara with me!

I have 3 favorites…

#1 – Covergirl Lashblast Volume…very black (picture #1)

When this mascara came out I rolled my eyes.  I wasn’t a fan of drugstore mascaras…at least not a lover of them.  This one CHANGED me!  I am in TOTAL love with this product!  The large nylon wand separates lashes while the formula of the mascara gives me volume like I have never seen!  It doesn’t clump or flake.  And it holds!  Seriously…I use this on myself personally AND in my kit…I will never be without it!

#2 – Maybelline Lash Stiletto…very black (picture #2)

This mascara’s formula is great for length and separation.  It comes with either a straight wand or a curved one.  I prefer the straight one.  It is small enough where I can get every little lash covered.  For those with less than voluminous lashes this wand and formula will make your lashes look fuller, thicker, and longer.

#3 – Covergirl Lashblast Fusion…very black (picture #3)

This is the latest edition to the Lashblast family for Covergirl.  It has the same nylon bristle brush as the Volume mascara but has the formulation of the Lashblast Volume Length.  So this mascara is great for length and separation while adding a bit of volume.

***Please not that NONE of these formula’s I have mentioned are the waterproof.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND the use of waterproof for daily use.  It is too harsh and damaging.  Occasional use only for waterproof formula’s.

So try 1 of these 3 formulas, let me know what you think, and enjoy some lovely lashes!!

Covergirl Lashblast Volume
Maybelline Lash Stiletto
Covergirl Lashblast Fusion

WHAS 11’s BEST OF…nominated so PLEASE vote for me!

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`WHAS 11 has opened up the voting for it’s “Best Of” awards.  I have had the pleasure of being nominated in the “Best Wedding Hair and Makeup” category.  This is the one I was honered to win in 2008.

I would love it if my fans, friends, and clients would please Vote for “BEAUTY by Bethany” for the Best Hair and Make-Up on WHAS11’s 2010 “Best of Kentuckiana” Contest via @WHAS11BestOf .

I would be honored and love to win again!


Beautiful Bridal Makeup

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Recently I was asked to write a small article for   This islfor the Kentucky/Indiana bride-to-be in helping her plan her big day!  I think this site is going to become invaluable for local brides as it is all about local vendors, venues, etc.  I am honored to be a guest writer.

Here is a link to the article:

WLKY’s A List WINNER for “Best Wedding Makeup in the Louisville Area”

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Welcome to my beauty blog! I am going to utilize this blog for what is happening with “BEAUTY by Bethany” on a regular basis.

So this is my first beauty blog and how appropriate that it is about winning the “Best Wedding Makeup in the Louisville Area” for WLKY’s A list. I am honored to receive such a title.

I was nominated and viewers voted and by the end, of the contest, I had a total of 21 glowing reviews from clients. I am so blessed and grateful to those of you who took the time to vote and say such beautiful things about me and my artistry!

Here is my page on WLKY’s A List: