BEAUTY Q #2…shadow primer

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BEAUTY Q : “I don’t wear shadow…or anything on my eye lids beside liner.  During the day the liner smears and smudges.  Is it my liner?  Or something else?”

It most likely isn’t your eyeliner.  Even the creamiest of pencils liners won’t stick to a bare eyelid for long.  Eyelids naturally produce oil.  If the eyelid is left bare and the eyeliner is in the least bit creamy the liner will smudge and smear.  The product needs to be placed on a dry, non-slip canvas.  By creating this canvas you also will cover any imperfections shown on the eyelid…veins, redness, or discoloration.

Step 1:  Shadow Primer

I use an shadow primer called a Shadow Magnet.  I prefer this one as it is has the consistency of a sticky, cream concealer.  I do not care for the primers that are liquid-y or too creamy.  It has to have a sticky feeling or a grip to it so that it will ‘stick’ to the lid.   I apply a thin layer over the entire eyelid….patting it on first and then blending it out to create a smooth canvas.

Step 2:  Shadow or Powder

Apply your base shadow or, if you are going to forgo shadow, a light dusting of a loose translucent powder to dry the surface area.

Step 3:  Choose an eyeliner

Pencils – tend to be creamier

Shadow – use with an angled brush for a soft look

Cream/Gel – intense strong line or smudged for a smoky look

All 3 are good options but I use a cream/gel liner for a waterproof, non-budge, no-smear application

Simple right?

By doing this your eyeliner (and shadow should you choose to wear them) shouldn’t budge.


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